Shelter Challenge

Shelter Challenge

The Animal Rescue Site is holding a new round of an online contest called the Shelter Challenge.  All you have to do is vote for the farm — and you can vote every day!

Over the years we have won thousands of dollars for the animals.  In the most recent contest that ended in December 2011, we won $1,000 as a weekly winner.

The current Shelter Challenge started on January 9, 2012 and ends at midnight on March 18, 2012.  The Grand Prize in this round is $5,000.  There are no second- and  third-place prizes but other categories ... please see the Shelter Challenge website for details.  Even if we don’t win the Grand Prize, if we finish first in New Hampshire we’ll still win the $1,000 state prize!  That’s if we don’t win a $1,000 weekly winner prize first!

Please vote in the Shelter Challenge here.

Note: We are now in New Hampshire. The state code is NH. Use Rolling Dog Farm for our name and NH for the state and our listing will come up so you can cast your vote.
Please ask your family, friends and colleagues to vote, too.
Thank you!

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Blind horses can have a wonderful quality of life, if only they're given a chance.

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Jack Hanna's Into The Wild TV program is a wonderful introduction to what we do at the farm! Jack Hanna
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Please vote for us in the Shelter Challenge so we can win up to $5,000 for the animals!

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Peace Cereal supports the farm -- please support them!

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